Sunday, 29 October 2017

NEOS what a week !!

The Black Mount, Glencoe
My last post I spoke about the upcoming week of North East Open Studios(NEOS). The usual nerves and self doubt reared there ugly heads prior to first weekend of the event. However, once the room was set up those nerves and doubt faded as I looked at the collections of work offered by myself and fellow exhibitors. Between the four of us we managed to fill the whole space.

The first weekend was fantastic as the number of people that came specifically to see my work was amazing. It was also a wonderful opportunity to meet some of the supportive people who take time to follow and comment on my Facebook page. By the end of the weekend I was hoarse with talking, although I wouldn't change that. Due to work commitments my time was limited, luckily Audrey was able to step into the breach.
Loch Assynt
The week flew past with a staggering amount of visitors which for a newbie NEOS member was simply fantastic, so much so that before the week was out we'd booked the location again (The White Horse Inn, Balmedie) for 2018. So now I know what is required I am already planning ahead for next year. Preparing prints and frames as I go rather than leaving it to the last minute.


  1. I'm not at all surprised that the exhibition was a success, Neil. It was wonderful to see such a buoyant interest in both art and photography in northeast Scotland. Your work rightly deserves to be enjoyed by as wide an audience as possible.

  2. Sounds amazing Neil. I love your photos, wish I was a bit nearer and could have visited the exhibition. Well done!

  3. So very pleased it was a success but with those stunning photographs, how could it not be? A sense of place is very important in any work of fiction and I defy anyone not to be inspired by those awesome shots.

  4. What a wonderful experience for you - and of course, the pictures are as gorgeous as always...

  5. Those are beautiful photographs and worthy examples of your work. So pleased to hear it went well. :)