Saturday, 7 October 2017


Tuesday was a Double Book Publication Day for me! Yaaayy!
The Thief's Daughter was released as a paperback and The Captain’s Daughter was released as an eBook.

The publication day is the day a new book is launched. For me, the day passed in a bit of a blur as I immersed myself into the social media world to spread the news. But the launch of my new books didn't begin on Tuesday morning or end on Tuesday night. As many writers will know, the publication day is just one day of several events organised to launch a new book. So whereas the publication day itself may last only 24hours, the launch of a new book starts far earlier and lasts quite a bit longer.

For me it started on the day I received my advance copies of The Thief's Daughter in paperback. My experience will differ from other writers and their access to various promotional opportunities will vary depending how well known and successful they are. I can only share mine, so pull up a chair and I will share with you my experience ...

I think most writers will agree that the moment they see their novel in print for the first time is a very special moment. I captured my moment on video just so I could relive it when I wasn't in such a state of shock. I was also relieved they had arrived as I had a book launch event to plan.

Having never been to a book launch myself, I had no idea what it entailed and if anyone would even come. Thankfully it all turned out okay and I sold all of the advanced copies I had brought with me. 

As both novels are about women who face (and overcome) difficulties in their lives, I thought it was fitting to donate a portion of the proceeds from the event to a charitable organisation whose aim is to develop a girl’s potential in order to make a difference to the world – my local Brownies & Guides.

The day before the publication day, I received a lovely review of The Captain's Daughter from writer, reviewer and blogger, Jo Lambert, on her writer's blog. It was just what I needed as the nerves had started to set in. American novelist, Luanne Rice once said, "After 30 novels, release day is still a thrill. It's also a little bittersweet too." I understand what she meant as the books are now out in the big wide world, a bit like a child going to school for the first time. It is also about to be read by other people whose opinions really matter.

Publication Day finally arrived and I spent much of it celebrating the event online. Lots of friends, bloggers, readers and fellow authors sent congratulatory messages and helped me to spread the news. The "book world" is a lovely community, where friends are made and good news is shared. Writing can be quite a solitary career and this online community really helps to make one feel part of something very special.

Although publication day was over by the following day, the launch of the books continued. The day after I was heading for Truro to appear on the Debbie McCrory Show on Radio Cornwall. I have been a guest on Debbie's show once before and when she invited me back to talk about my next release, I jumped at the chance.

Two days after publication, I was hurtling down the road again in my second-hand Honda Jazz to the seaside town of Penzance to appear on Coast Afternoon with John Pestle on CoastFM. This radio program was a first for me, but I thoroughly enjoyed myself. John and the team put me at ease and the 30 minute slot flew by. Thank you to CoastFM for allowing me to use their photograph.

The online blog tour had already kicked off by the time I was sitting down behind a microphone. It's a challenge to keep guest posts fresh and interesting, so I decided to talk about some of the important elements of writing a novel, choosing a particular one for each blog, with the odd fun blog post in-between. Here is the blog tour, if you would like to follow it.

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The perfect antagonist

With Love for Books 30/10/2017
Talking about prejudice against the past

So the past few weeks have been busy and I look forward to putting up my feet. In the meantime, perhaps I should tell you a little about each book.

The Captain's Daughter

The Captain's Daughter was inspired by the kitchens and servants' quarters of Lanhydrock House, which is a National Trust property in Cornwall. I was also inspired by my visits to Bodmin's historic jail and court house. Both are wonderfully atmospheric buildings with a vast history behind them.

Book Blurb

Sometimes you need to discover your own strength in order to survive …

After a family tragedy, Janey Carhart was forced from her comfortable life as a captain’s daughter into domestic service. Determined to make something of herself, Janey eventually finds work as a lady’s maid at the imposing Bosvenna Manor on the edge of Bodmin Moor, but is soon caught between the two worlds of upstairs and downstairs, and accepted by neither, as she cares for her mistress.

Desperately lonely, Janey catches the attention of two men – James Brockenshaw and Daniel Kellow. James is heir to the Bosvenna estate, a man whose eloquent letters to his mother warm Janey’s heart. Daniel Kellow is a neighbouring farmer with a dark past and a brooding nature, yet with a magnetism that disturbs Janey. Two men. Who should she choose? Or will fate decide. 

Available to download from all eBook platforms.
Coming to audio at a future date.

The Thief's Daughter

The Thief's Daughter was inspired by Bodmin's debtors' prison and a rocky inlet on the North Cornish Coast, called Pepper Cove. The cove was named after the large quantities of spices smuggled into Cornwall during the 18th and early 19th century. It provided the perfect backdrop and plot for my characters to live through.

Book Blurb

Hide from the thief-taker, for if he finds you, he will take you away …

Eighteenth-century Cornwall is crippled by debt and poverty, while the gibbet casts a shadow of fear over the land. Yet, when night falls, free traders swarm onto the beaches and smuggling prospers.

Terrified by a thief-taker’s warning as a child, Jenna has resolved to be good. When her brother, Silas, asks for her help to pay his creditors, Jenna feels unable to refuse and finds herself entering the dangerous world of the smuggling trade.

Jack Penhale hunts down the smuggling gangs in revenge for his father’s death. Drawn to Jenna at a hiring fayre, they discover their lives are entangled. But as Jenna struggles to decide where her allegiances lie, the worlds of justice and crime collide, leading to danger and heartache for all concerned …

Available to download from all eBook platforms.
Paperback available to order from Amazon and all good bookshops.
Coming to audio at a future date.

Thank you for my publisher, Choc Lit, and the Choc Lit Panel and Stars for bringing my novels to publication.
Also thank you to all the bloggers and reviewers who helped make the book launch a success. Finally, thank you to you for sharing in the celebrations of my double book launch by reading this post. I have enjoyed sharing my novels and book launch preparations with you.

Now where is the wine and soft fluffy socks? It's time I put those feet up for a rest!


  1. Congrats again Victoria. Your post absolutly fizzes with the excitement of it all. Hard work, yes, but worth it!

  2. Just wonderful to see you share your first glimpse of The Thief's Daughter in print, Victoria. I had a tear in my eye watching you. What a special moment! Also, congratulations on the publication of The Captain's Daughter. Enjoy every exciting moment. xx

  3. It's a really lovely - if busy - cloud to be on for a while. Enjoy!

    1. Thank you, Linda. I really enjoyed doing the radio shows. It was something different and it was interesting to see how a radio show is put together. :)

  4. What a fabulous day - I bet it was worth all that hard work!

    1. I have had several people contact me to tell me that they enjoyed the book they bought at the book launch event. Their positive feedback does make it worth it. :)

  5. Wow Books covers are so appealing and thanks for the story behind the books. I will got eBooks Download online so I can read this interesting story.