Sunday, 14 August 2016

Choosing your favourite child......

Crathes Castle

I have been fortunate enough to have been asked by our local hotel The Whitehorse to have a small exhibition evening in September.  To be fair its taken a year for me to say yes as I never feel that my photographs are good enough but now is the time to shake off that apprehension and go for it. 
If I am honest the other half has insisted that I/we do this as it is a fantastic opportunity and to be fair all I will have to do is turn up on the night. My organisational skills are practically nil so I will hand over the reins to the capable hands of the other half, hoping that my input will be minimal and limited to picking the photographs that will be on show. 
If I thought picking a selection of photographs would be easy, I was wrong it is a kin to choosing your favourite child, they all have  different qualities that make them each appealing. So how to choose.... 
I have decided to limit myself to a specific number of images which will be produced in varies prints and frames. I had though about a theme so all images would be in similar frames however life isn't like that and as I look round my home there are hardly two frames the same. So instead will pick frames that suit the photo. 
Stairs at Fittie, Aberdeen Beach
 Secondly narrowing my geographically coverage of Scotland to the North East, play to the local audience. Striking a balance between castles, beaches and countryside shots. Otherwise I would flood the evening with the photos I had taken when I was on the West Coast in July (as they are my favourites at the moment). 
Dunnottar Castle
So I have gone from making an appearance at the evening to negotiating my way through all my photographs to deciding which images best represent me and my skills. I am nervous already and still over a month to go before I have to witness first hand peoples reactions.  
Bow Fiddle, Portknockie
So wish me luck on choosing between my babies......... 


  1. I know it's easy for me to say, but you dont' need to be worried. All the photos are brilliant! Love the analogy of a favourite child though - excellent.

    1. Thanks Gill, its harder than I thought to decided but will get there.

  2. Neil, your photos are wonderful. Easy to say and hard to do I know but DO NOT WORRY! Your 'children' will do your proud!

    1. Thanks Jennie, glad I don't do this often as it is so difficult. I am my own worst critic.

  3. You are such a talented photographer, Neil. I'm certain your exhibition at the Whitehorse will be the first of many. Delighted your work is receiving the attention it so richly deserves. Looking forward to the exhibition. : )

  4. Good luck indeed and I wouldn't want to have to choose because all these examples above are stunning. I know there is a thing called 'photographic painting' - or something like that - but the one of Dunnotter Cstle looks like an oil painting to me for its depth of colour. We expect a blogpost from the exhibition, oh yes we do!

  5. Wow! Some fabulous captures here. I love the stairs at Fittie!
    Best of luck with the exhibition, people are going to be blown away by your images. Thank you for sharing them here.