Saturday, 21 May 2016

Instagram to Instameet


Dunnottar Castle by Mark Harris

I have been on Instagram for a number of years and have made friends from all over the world. I received a message from the lovely @katstewart01 who was planning the North - East of Scotland's first Instameet.

An Instameet is when a group of people with a passion for photography meet up at a location and spend a few hours or a full day taking photos. It is a chance for Instagrammers to finally connect in the real world with people that they may already follow.
So on the 17th April at 0530hrs  I met with a group of around 14 keen Instagrammers at Dunnottar Castle carpark to capture the sunrise over the castle. The members of the group had travelled from far and near, with one intrepid sole camping overnight in his campervan.
It had been arranged that the Instameet group could gain access to Dunnottar Castle  prior to it opening to the public but before  this the group explored the landscape around the castle.
Neil Donald

View from beach by Simon Ward

Once it was time to enter the castle we were joined by a further 4 Instagammers. The Custodian of the Castle Jim Wands gave a brief history of the castle to the group. Walking around the ruins in the peace and quiet of the morning allowed me to feel the history of the location.
View from Window by Mark Harris
 Being able to take photos in a tourist attraction without the tourists was a wonderful experience, as often you are jostling for the best spot.

We spent nearly 2 hours in the castle before taking a walk along the coastal path to Stonehaven.

The picturesque harbour was high on the list to visit but first we visited the War Memorial which was surround by sunny daffodils.

The War Memorial is situated on Black Hill and commemorates  the 200 plus men of Stonehaven who gave their lives in the First World War.
War Memorial by Neil Donald

Daffodil by Mark Harris

After the War Memorial it was walk to the picturesque Stonehaven harbour. After a walk around the seafront it was time for a well deserved plate of fish and chips.
Stonehaven Harbour by Neil Donald

The day came to an end and I had thoroughly enjoyed myself, finally meeting people that I had chatted to and had followed. It was agreed that this Instameet was the first of hopefully many more from across the North East.

A Few of the Instagrammers by David Powell
Thank you to everyone that came along and especially for allowing me to use some of your photographs from the day.


  1. What a beautiful collection of photographs and I'm intrigued by the idea of an Instameet. (I haven't ventured as far as Instagram - yet!) So, do you know if other enthusiasts arrange Instameets? Or are they special to the photography community?

    1. Rae, Insta meets are for anyone on Instagram. Pages may post that they are having a meet or you can be invited.

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  2. Am so in awe of the photos - and the idea of an instameet is intriguing. Thanks for educating me!

    1. Thanks Gillian, its a great way to discover new places or rediscover old ground.

  3. I don't use instagram - probably never will as I haven't even graduated to a smart phone yet. As a blogger, though, I'm taking part in a meet up next month at the annual Bloggers' Bash in London. I'll be meeting face to face with people I've been 'blog friends' with for a while, which will be interesting and fun.

    1. Similar idea Mary and its always good to connect face to face.

  4. Beautiful photos - the castle is the first thing I see when I log onto Windows as it was one of their wallpaper options! I've been using Instagram for a short time and really like it as it's so visual and I like taking photos.

    1. Rosemary, that's the appeal I think of Intsagram, you don't have to be an established professional to post. Its a place for everyone and anyone to share their photos and images.

  5. Fabulous post and fabulous pix. Thanks for sharing all this.