Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Meet Simon Ward a talented photographer from Findhorn

Social media is a fantastic place and that is where myself and Simon met, having yet to meet in real world. Simon also loves the coastline of the North East of Scotland - as I do. Thanks for joining us and over to you, Simon.....

My passion for photography probably started unbeknown to me at a young age when I used to take pictures on holidays home to the Orkney Islands where most of my relatives live, with it stunning coastline and interesting history it was a fascinating place to explore and many a late summers evening was spent outside playing. 
 Yesnaby Castle, Mainland Orkney Isles  
I've always enjoyed the outdoors and have been lucky to live in a few beautiful places in Scotland and eventually settled in Morayshire I've always had a camera throughout my life and dipped in and out of photography but never seriously. Now though with the improvement of camera phones over the past few years I started taking more and more pictures of a beautiful place called Findhorn where we visit regularly after getting our pet dog Myles who reignited my love with the outdoors again. 

Findhorn beach at Sunrise

I'd start to seek out more and more places to walk and I continued to take more and more pictures. I got to the stage people said they were nice and I should show them which led me to join social media through Instagram which was so easy to share them with people all across the globe, I remember getting my first like and was pretty chuffed when someone commented on another picture. It was brilliant seeing other people's work and engaging with other photographers all the time feeding my own growth and techniques to being the serious amateur I am today.

 I now regularly get up at what people call ridiculous times in the morning to catch sunrises which can be around 4am in the summer but it is so rewarding to be out there by yourself seeing the changing light and peacefulness of the countryside.

Bow Fiddle Rock, Portknockie at sunrise

 I still have so much of Scotland to explore and an ever growing list of places to visit although I still love to showcase the beautiful north east of Scotland which has some of the best coastline in the country in my opinion, thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed it as writing isn't my specialty.

You can see more of Simon's stunning photography on Instagram   @SIMON_WARD_ or Facebook


  1. Beautiful photographs ..... some lovely settings for fiction writing, too!

  2. Wow! What amazing photos. And as Linda says, great settings for a story. Thanks for sharing them.

  3. I can't get enough of these beautiful pictures...thanks so much for sharing.

  4. Beautiful pictures and jealous of the sunrise at the Bow Fiddle. Thanks Simon for taking the time to write for us.

  5. What a stunning selection of photographs, Simon. I love the way the sky is completely different in each image - something to remember when writing! Thanks for sharing. :-)

  6. Wonderful photos - thanks for sharing them!