Sunday, 27 December 2015

HERE’S TO CHANGES by Gill Stewart


This time of year always makes me think of changes (ch-ch-changes - thanks David Bowie). They come to us welcome or unwelcome, planned or taking us completely by surprise: but one thing is sure – come they will. Often, even when they’re not immediately appreciated, they are good for us. They shake us out of a comfortable lethargy and encourage us towards something new and different and (possibly) better. Some people, e.g. me, need these metaphorical kicks in the backside to get us going.

Here are a few changes that I didn’t want to happen and am now really pleased about:

      -         The advent of e-books. I said Nooo! I want real books! And I still do, but I love my Kindle for its size, and the fact it allows me easily to try new books I might not otherwise have considered.
      -          Divesting myself of possessions when moving house. This was another big Nooo! But it has been very cathartic, plus I’ve found some possessions I’d given up as lost years since, and I’m definitely not letting those go again.
      -          Realising that marketing books is an integral part of writing them and getting them read. This is a hard one because marketing does not come naturally to me, but it’s going to be on the list of New Year’s Resolutions I make on Thursday. Well, OK, this might not be a change I welcome, but I’m determined to go for it in 2016.

As some people may have noticed, changes are also afoot for Novel Points of View. We’ll say more about this in the New Year but suffice it to say these are changes I’m very much looking forward to.

What changes, welcome or otherwise, have you faced in 2015? What are you preparing for in 2016?


  1. Change isn't always easy, especially when we don't have any choice - but even then we can make the best of it. I completely agree with you about ebook and Kindles - and the marketing.
    I'm excited about the upcoming change to this blog, too. Can't wait.

  2. I think there is change we instigate ourselves and change which is thrust upon us, the first - in my case - being easier to deal with than the second. That said, making something good and positive out of change thrust upon us can be very satisfying. As I once read - there are more ways than one of doing things, and 127 ways of doing dishes! Yes, really..... now there's a thought!

    1. Definitely agree about which changes are easiest to deal with. Not sure I want to try all the alternative ways of doing dishes though!