Sunday, 8 March 2015

Party Invitation from Mary Smith

As many of you know (I’ve blogged about it before) I’m a member of a fantastic, pay-it-forward group of writers called ENovel Authors atWork. We are having a party from March 11 to March 13 – and you are all invited.

It is being thrown as a thank you to our readers, to all our wonderful reviewers and the many bloggers out there in the blogosphere who support us, not to mention the Twitters who tweet about our books to their followers. 

The party is on Facebook so you don’t need to travel, you can drink as much virtual Guinness (or champagne) and not have a hangover and eat as much Irish stew without gaining an ounce in weight. If are wondering about the Irish references, this is because our party, the Lucky Leprechaun Reader Appreciation party, takes place in the run up to St Patrick’s Day. 

And to show our appreciation there’s going to be lots of chances to win some wonderful prizes – a Kindle, Amazon gift cards, paperback, ebooks, cash.

Jenny Harper, a co-blogger on Novel Points of View is also a member of ENovelAuthors at Work so she will be there as will a host of other authors from around the world whose books span every genre from crime to romance (sometimes both in the one book) from historical fiction to paranormal. 

So come along and enjoy the fun at the party and let us say thank you. Here’s the link:
See you there.


  1. What fun! Now where did I put my green beret.....?

    1. Hope you will join us, Linda, with or without your green beret.

  2. Sounds interesting. It's in the diary, although not sure I like the sound of 'virtual' champagne!

    1. No hangover, Gill. The bit I'm hosting isn't until late - midnight on the first day (Wed 11) and 11.30 the second so I'm glad the alcohol is virtual!.