Saturday, 12 May 2012

Another novel in my Home Series

Another Home – Another Love is the fourth novel in the Home series, which started with Dreams of Home when Steven Caraford was a young man returning from the war, desperate to start farming and be able to marry the girl he loves. It is followed by A Home of Our Own and Heart of the Home following his progress and that of his relations and friends.
 Another Home- Another Love moves on to the next generation with their different problems to overcome.
    All my novels have a Scottish farming background and I am wary of becoming repetitive and boring readers with farming details so I am continually searching for a new angle or development. In this fourth novel I have moved slightly to include some market gardening. This, and a different publisher, are responsible for the change in the style of the book jacket.

Another Home - Another Love (blurb from cover)
Rosemary Palmer-Farr loves farming and animals and has spent much of her childhood at Bengairney Farm with her dearest friends, the Carafords. Now, as a young woman, she wants to prove herself a good business woman by running the gardens of her father's dwindling estate. Her mother, Catherine, is not impressed and wants her to make a good marriage. She looks down on the Carafords because they are only tenant farmers.
   When childhood friendship deepens into love Catherine takes action and extracts a promise from Sam Caraford, calculated to keep them apart, even if it costs their happiness. She throws Rosemary into the company of eligible young gentlemen but Rosemary despises their attitudes and yearns for Sam's love.

Another Home-Another Love by Gwen Kirkwood is published in hard back by Robert Hale Ltd ISBN 978-0-7090-9630-6. It is available from Amazon, libraries and local book shops price £19.99.


  1. Lovely to see that th next book is out, Gwen!

  2. Great to hear the next book is now available. I've passed on the news to Carol Hogarth of D&G Life.

  3. Great title....and a lovely book cover, Gwen. I'll ask my local library to get this one in - got to keep the libraries going, haven't we?

  4. Thank you Gill, Mary and Linda for helping me spread the word. I do so hate marketing so I really appreciate having you lovely friends to help me.

  5. That's good news, Gwen. I've finished reading Fairlyden and I loved it. A cracking story!

  6. Thank you Jenny. I am glad you enjoyed Fairlyden. I have just seen a review for AH_AL described as "sweet". I'm not sure whether that's good or not. So hard to judge ones own work.