Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Huge Excitement!

Just a quick extra-curricular blog which I hope you won't all shoot me for.....but .....but......Choc Lit sent me my book cover this afternoon and tell me I can shout it to the world! You've all been there before, but this is my first.......feels like Christmas already here.
Hope to get the picture into this blog....we shall see.


  1. (Trying to post comment for third time!)
    Many congratulations, Linda - I bet you're thrilled!

  2. It's a really eye-catching cover, Linda. Congratulations. When is the publication date?

  3. Publication date is May 2012.......seems a long way away but I'm sure the time will fly, as per,,,,:)
    Glad you like the cover.

  4. May 2012 is really just around the corner with sunshine and To Turn Full Circle to look forward to.

  5. The cover is absolutely lovely Linda. Congrats and roll on May (for your book AND some better weather!).