Monday, 21 November 2011

RNA party – and new brand

Thanks to Linda for such a vivid description of the RNA Winter Party! To those who go regularly, the ultimate objective is to wear a pair of shoes that are a) extremely glamorous and b) supremely comfortable. This is clearly impossible so there are various options possible.

  1. Wear flatties. Preferably under long trousers that cover this sin.
  2. Wear a small wedge, kitten heel or similar that isn't too excruciating after three or more hours.
  3. Wear glam knee-length boots (as Linda's daughter Sarah did) with a low heel. Potential pitfall = overheating.
  4. Wear uber sexy three-inch heels and take them off three minutes in.
  5. Ditto, but manage half an hour.
  6. Ditto, but survive the evening and pay for it with either shredded feet the next day or bunions years later.
The choice is yours! Take a look at the RNA blog to see what I mean ...

The main focus of the Winter Party this year was the launch of the new RNA brand, which I was heavily involved in. Our President, Katie Fforde, brought it to the world in great style. Here it is, in all its glory. Hope you like it!


  1. I really like the new branding, Jenny. I think I shall practise wearing sexy three-inch heels around the house just in case I ever make it to an RNA party!

  2. Go girl. I wore black suede ankle boots – they were really comfy. Oops, that word shows my age, doesn't it!

  3. I hobbled round to the nearest tube station in my car-to-bars shoes at the end of one RNA party only to find the tubes were closed! I almost thought about walking barefoot to Victoria, only it was freezing!

  4. Love the logo. I had already heard positive comments and it's great to see it.

    And as for shoes... after one RNA party, a few of us went for an Italian meal at a place near Victoria station. The taxi driver (a London cabbie!) dropped us at the bus station - well, I did take my shoes off and walk bare foot to our destination. Otherwise I would never have made it to the food!

  5. I think we should all have lapel pins with the logo on.....a bit like the old school tie network we would be recognised by other RNAers wherever we go.
    And huge congrats Jenny and many thanks for all your hard work on our behalf.