Sunday, 26 June 2016

Summer Sun

Balmedie Beach

What happens when a photographer that struggles to sleep finally has a period of settled weather, an alarm set for 0230hrs to catch the sunrises. Although it is not uncommon for me not to need the alarm.
Destinations are usually the beach and this week a trip to Dunnottar and Stonehaven to catch first light. The beauty of the lengthening days means that even in the middle of the night it is still rather light allowing for some fantastic shots.

On a few occasions I have been surprised to find other like minded soles out and about taking photos at strange hours of the day.

Stonehaven Harbour at First Light

Pink Skies at Balmedie Beach

The Merkat Cross at the Castlegate, Aberdeen

Reflections on the River Dee

Short and sweet this week concentrating on the photos. Preparing for my summer holidays so look out for lots of photos of the West Coast Scotland.


  1. Truly amazing photos! Thanks Neil.

  2. Wonderful photos Neil. Thank you.

  3. The light is amazing on those pictures. Thank you so much for sharing :)

  4. Such calming photographs, Neil. Great you're able to take such wonderful advantage of the lovely longer days. : )